Am I eligible?

General Information and Eligibility

  • The Computer and Business  Course is a two year programme which commences in September and continues until June each year.
  • The Course is free.
  • Course Materials are provided.
  • Meal and Travel Allowances are provided.
  • Eligible participants who are already in receipt of a social welfare payment will receive an allowance equivalent to their social welfare payment.
  • Learners under 26 who move from an age related reduced rate of Jobseekers Allowance will receive a rate of €198 per week
  • Childcare support is available through the CETS Scheme.
  • A Guidance and Counselling service is also provided to all VTOS participants.
  • Participants can also work part-time during their time off, at evenings and weekends without loss of benefit.

You are eligible for VTOS if you are:

 Aged 21 or over


In receipt of one of the following Social Welfare payments for at least six months:

  • Job Seekers Allowance/Benefit
  • Farm Assist
  • One Parent Family
  • Disability Allowance/Illness Benefit*
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Blind Persons Pension
  • Widow/Widower(s) Pension
  • Prisoners Wives Allowance

Or Are

  • Signing for Credits
  • A Dependant Spouse

*People receiving illness benefit should first contact their Social Welfare Office about            exemption to the continuation of their illness benefit payment.

*People in receipt of statutory redundancy but not in receipt of a qualifying payment for    the required period may participate on VTOS after being made redundant.

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