Computer-based Business Studies Course

Times                   Monday – Friday 9.30 am – 2.45 pm (September – June)

Certification        QQI Level 4 Office Skills  – 4M2070

QQI Level 5 Business Administration  – 5M2468

Swinford VTOS aims to provide a learning environment which is stimulating on an intellectual, creative and entrepreneurial level. This learning environment is cultivated by the co-ordinator, tutors and auxiliary staff of the Centre to encourage each student to develop to their full potential.

Classes are available in a range of subjects including business, computer applications and office skills, all of which are relevant to employers and the world of work today.  This course is also a valuable stepping stone to progress to further education.

The emphasis in the first year of the programme is to build a solid foundation in subjects including computer applications, business calculations, keyboarding, and English (communications).  This is used as a basis for participants to progress to more intensive study in the second year.  No prior knowledge in computer aplications, keyboarding etc is expected.

The course is full-time and involves your commitment 5 days per week from 9.30 am to 2.45 pm daily from September to June.  While there are some examinations, much of your course work is based on assignments and skills demonstrations.

VTOS Swinford, as well as catering for the academic needs of the student also provides a social element to the course with trips, inter-centre quizzes and outings. Many students make life-long friends while on the course.

General Office Skills – 4M2070

Communications                                         Word Processing

Keyboarding                                                 Functional Maths

Conversational Spanish                             Work Experience

General Office Skills                                   Book-keeping & Accounts

Spreadsheet Methods

Business Administration – 5M2468

Word Processing                                            Database Methods

Conversational Spanish                                Customer Service

Desktop Publishing                                       Business Administration

Payroll – manual & computerised             

Bookkeeping – manual & computerised           


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